Taking the Guesswork
Out of Grain Marketing

Agricole is an independent Grain Marketing and Brokerage service - working for farmers since 1993.

Agricole acts as the farmer's own private grain trader, working on his behalf to secure the best prices for combinable crops.

Farmers tell us they are finding it harder to keep track of grain markets. Increasing workloads, volatile markets and lower grain prices make it harder to reach the right deal. The lack of good information forces them to react rather than anticipate market movements.

Agricole provides a dedicated service based on specialist knowledge and tailored to your specific needs. We provide timely information, hassle-free brokerage and marketing services using hedging via minimum priced contracts (see qualifications here) - a combination guaranteed to get you the best results. Read testimonials

One call is all it takes to obtain accurate market information and a no obligation quote for services.

There is now an Agricole Oil service too - saving you money on heating - more details and free no-obligation quote

Please read articles written by Agricole in farming magazines, under articles.