“Agricole offers me 24/7 access to an unbiased overview of the markets in which I am interested, both in the long and short term. I am free to do as much or as little busines as I wish, and always feel that the service is provided to benefit my particular position.

The information I receive has the farmer’s interests at heart, and a solution is usually found to help me in what I am trying to acheive. The service is both professional and personal, and I would say that the service now lies at the heart of my grain marketing strategy.”

Nick Rowsell, John Rowsell Ltd, Winchester

“Thanks for latest bad news ! At least it is what I have been expecting. I cannot see any improvement in prices till this time next year, hence I completed selling 2011 crop two weeks ago which means it will rise now!

Have sold 30% of ’12 wheat crop (AV. £150 Aug/Nov) and building storage to hold the rest, but will keep selling if it comes back above £150. 15% rape sold £350 AA and 20% Malting barley £175. Your reports still the best read of the week.”

Alister Borthwick, Deepdale Farms, Norfolk

“I came across Jeremy’s services when he delivered a presentation to one of the discussion groups I’m involved in. I found his independent views very refreshing and see them as essential in ensuring our business maximises its returns. His service saves me time in that I no longer have to phone round numerous traders as this is what he does, only far more efficiently.”

Andrew Randall, Randall Farms, Berkshire

“Thank you for sending the article Stop Trading Backwards I have just read it with great interest. You have hit the nail on the head and I can relate to the scenario that you describe.

It is a common fault in farmer market trading to spend too much time looking at the spilt corn rather than looking at the next bucket load.”

David Meredith, West Farm, Shropshire

“Thank you for your advice and guidance on the use of options. In a volatile market, it is an extremely useful way of providing the farmer with a minimum price and no maximum price, and both this year and last year have been good examples where we have opened up the potential of fixed price forward grain sales to rising markets.”

Nigel Pearson, Manor Farm, Cambridge

“Based out on the North Norfolk coast with significant grain tonnage to sell, but with my considerable involvement with the tourism side of the business, I really appreciate the simplicity of presentation and sound impartial advice with the Agricole Report, plus the odd bit of humour occasionally to lighten the load.”

D.M., Yorkshire

“Thank you for the excellent grain reports during the season – which help very much with marketing our grain. Knowing what has happened around the world, who is buying what and how other people’s harvests are going is a very useful tool.”

George & Dan Crook, Aughton Farm, Wilts

“I find it very refreshing to use a service which is completely unbiased and where all costs are agreed “up front”. In the last few years, the use of options has certainly protected my turnover from the volatility in the market and I am extremely satisfied with the results.”

Gavin Lane, A.G.A. Lane, Kings Lynn

“Agricole has been a beacon of hope to many farmers who have persevered in growing crops (as they believe they should) amidst all the uncertainty of globalisation and constraints by non-market forces including enviromental groups, politicians, etc.”

Robert Bruce, Cambs

“I thought the course was excellent and because it was quite intense it actually helped my overall understanding of the subject and certainly got me thinking about what we should be doing.”

George Rees, Rees Farming, Hampshire

“Just a thank you to both you and Robert for sorting out the barley regarding moisture and redirection. Thanks!”

Tim Scott, M. E. J. Scott & Son, Cambs

“Out of all the reports I read, or rather receive from various grain merchants, yours is the most readable, being concise, factual and relevant.”

John Young, Ringstead, Norfolk