This is the original Agricole service. A ‘beat my price’ service, Agricole achieves a higher price or better total contract approximately 95% of the time. Over £1m has been saved for its clients since 1993.

  1. Just ring Agricole, explain what you have to market and when and a target price.
    Leave the rest to us, or…
  2. Ring your usual merchanting/consumers and then BEFORE you sell, ring Agricole for a comparison.

Agricole then rings its contacts and reverts to you with two results:

A lower price: You pay Agricole NOTHING. You sell to your usual trader in the knowledge that you have the best price from both of those you ring and Agricole too.

A higher price: Agricole explains who is bidding the best total package, be it price, delivery, payment terms etc. If you are happy with the buyer concerned then the buyer and seller are confirmed. The seller then receives contract confirmation from Agricole and a contract from the buyer. Agricole monitors all stages of the transaction to confirm adherence to the agreement. The buyer and seller liaise over collections, etc and the BUYER PAYS THE SELLER.

Agricole does not handle any client monies.

Agricole oversees the contract and handles any problems for its client, i.e. claims, rejections, etc.
Agricole commission is only 50p/tonne + VAT, payable once the contract has been moved.

No client should be trading with Agricole unless they make more money, net of commission, by the better contract achieved.

Contact us on 01954 719 452 or to try this service now.

The next level of service is the Marketing Service, a more complete service, especially useful in times of volatile prices.

Review Jeremy Cole’s qualifications to advise clients on securities/financial derivatives in connection with grain brokerage.